iPhone Wi-Fi Not Working? Time to turn up the HEAT! Attempting the Oven Reflow Fix in the BreakTryCatch Test Kitchen Sunil


I own a 1.5 year old iPhone 3G. A few weeks after upgrading to iOS 4.0.1, I lost Wi-Fi connectivity. I could go into Settings>Wi-Fi and see my wireless networks but after entering my password I would get a dialogue saying the password was invalid. I tried Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings, restoring my iPhone from backup…


Speaking at the FITC Unconference at Adobe MAX 2010 Jon Keon


Well I got the good news that I’ve been fortunate enough to be selected as a speaker at the FITC Unconference at Adobe MAX this year. It takes place on October 23rd until the 27th in Los Angeles, California and it’s shaping up to be a pretty cool conference. A lot of announcements are going…


Alphanumeric Sorting in AS3 Paul


Sorting a list of strings that contain numbers (alphanumeric strings) can be a major headache in AS3.


Default Values with Null Coalescing Paul


The null coalescing operator is a rarely used but useful operator for initializing your objects. Often times you’ll have a method that accepts optional arguments. If your arguments are typed to non primitive objects (anything other than Strings, Numbers or Booleans), you’re usually stuck setting their default value of your parameter to null. This makes…


Setting Up Adobe Alchemy for Flash Jon Keon

Actionscript, Flash

If you aren’t aware, Alchemy is a tool made by Adobe that allows you to compile C or C++ code into AS3 Byte Code as a SWC or SWF file that you can then include in your traditional AS3 projects. While this is pretty cool, Adobe dropped the ball in terms of documenting just how…