Windows: Part 2 Jon Keon


Last time I was just starting to build a Window wrapper class to use in C++ projects. As I started digging deeper though and implementing more features I was greeted with this: Yep, good old Windows Blue Screen of Death. Fortunately I only managed to make it happen four times although once it was enough…


Windows: Part 1 Jon Keon


After getting my system all setup and ready for C++ programming, it was time to start actually having something being displayed to the screen. In order to do that on a Windows Box, you’re going to need a window. There are a variety of sites out there that will get you up and running pretty…


Into the Abyss: Getting Started with C++ Jon Keon


Background: Feel free to skip this part if you aren’t interested in why I’m blogging about this and just want the info.   First a little bit of background. I learned Visual Basic, Java and C in Highschool. Those were my first forays into the world of programming and sparked my interest for making things…


Error Embedding Fonts Across ApplicationDomains Mike Baker

Actionscript, Flash

I ran into a frustrating problem the other day while working on some client work. While attempting to register a font with Flash at runtime I was getting the following error: Error #1508: The value specified for argument font is invalid. Let me describe the situation. With the sites I’ve been working on recently we…


Function Memoization in Actionscript Paul


Lets say you’ve got a grid based game and you’re using a path finding algorithm to get from cell A to B. You’re making path finding calculations several times per frame, and its starting to become a burden on your processor. You know your path finding algorithm is reasonably optimized and you won’t get huge…