Coding the Universe Jon Keon

Actionscript, Flash

So I’ve been enjoying the work of Greg Martin lately. (Art of Greg Martin) His work is pretty impressive and I thought it would be cool to see what kind of imitations I could come up with in Flash. Now if you google Flash 3D Planets, you get a wide variety of results. With no…


Continuous Integration in Flash and the Feature Switchboard Paul

Actionscript, Flash, Workflow

Recently, I worked on a large-scale game that had to be deployed to production in stages. First came the core gameplay experience, followed by a series of updates over the next few months that added bells and whistles. After the initial deployment it became obvious that bugs would need to be fixed and deployed to…


Tracer – Better Debugging in AS3 Jon Keon

Actionscript, Flash, Workflow

When developing in Flash, I find that I often lace my code with traces to see what certain values are, whether the code has entered a function or not, or even just to give myself a note to remind me of a certain behaviour that is in the program. What I’ve found though is that…


Useful FDT Templates Paul

Actionscript, Flash

One of the most useful features in FDT is templates. It’s something that FlashBuilder is still missing, and while templates are pretty simple in concept, they are one of the key features that keep me using FDT over its free counterpart. Templates are basically code completion shortcuts that allow you to generate boilerplate code quickly…


Array Constructors in AS3 Paul

Actionscript, Flash

Arrays in as3 are unique among the other built in types because their constructor behaves differently depending on the number and type of arguments passed in. Passing in multiple arguments allows you to initialize the array with the supplied values. However, passing in a single integer value to the constructor specifies the number of elements…