BreakTryCatch is a developer blog covering the technical aspects of new media. Posts are written by an awesome group of interactive developers who have all worked together at one time or another.

Mike Baker – mike AT breaktrycatch.com

  • Mike graduated form Carleton University in 2008 with Degree in Information Technology – Interactive Multimedia and Design and after a short stint of travelling was hired by Fuel Industries and is now working as Fuel’s Playground Director where he researches new technologies and prototypes ideas before they go into production. As a Sr. Developer, Mike has launched micro-sites and online worlds for brands like McDonald’s, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Disney. Mike had a short spell as a server admin but couldn’t stand life in a text only world. Since then he has pursued his interest in gaming and game mechanics but has found a true passion for developing interactive installations and experiential websites/software.

Sunil John – sunil AT breaktrycatch.com

  • Sunil graduated in 2008 with a post-graduate certificate in Interactive Multimedia at Sheridan College. He also has a degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology from the University of Western Ontario, with three years experience working in a biotherapeutics lab specializing in Spinal Cord Injury research. Sunil’s first real experience developing interactive work came in 1992, where in grade 7, he built really bad Hypercard games in his school’s Mac lab. Currently Sunil is a Flash Developer for JAM3 in Toronto, Ontario.Sunil owns a ham radio and is a licensed amateur radio operator. Some of Sunil’s talents include building interactive sites, games, performing surgery on rats and can act as a radio command post when all lines of communication are down in states of national emergency.

Jon Keon – jon AT breaktrycatch.com

  • Jon Keon is a Senior Developer at QNX in Ottawa, Canada working on the AIR SDK for the Blackberry Playbook and future RIM devices. Jon’s career has taken him from big corporate to fast paced interactive agencies working with clients such as Kraft, Electronic Arts and McDonalds. He’s developed on work that has gone on to win awards such as FWA’s, Davey’s, Webby’s and Cannes. With a passion for physics, 3D transformation piplines and other totally not nerdy things, Jon dedicates himself towards R&D and pushing code to the limits.

Paul LeMarquand – paul AT breaktrycatch.com

  • Paul got his start by creating an application that simulated a blue screen of death in Windows 95 using QBASIC. After brief masochistic period maintaining a large e-commerce application Paul started work at Fuel Industries in 2007 as a Flash developer creating games and interactive experience websites.Paul graduated in 2009 with a bachelor’s of Information Technology specializing in Interactive Multimedia and Design from Carleton University and a diploma in Interactive Multimedia and Design from Algonquin College. For Paul’s final year thesis project he contributed to the first person puzzle game Glasshouse with a small team of like minded artists and developers. It is available for free from the Rocktopus Games website.