Deeper into the Rabbit Hole: C++ Function Pointers and Callbacks Jon Keon


DISCLAIMER: The code shown in this post is not 100% my own original work. It is instead derivative of Elbert Mai’s post on a CodeProject submission on C++ Callbacks which I have used in a previous post for my Windows framework. Link. My changes are largely cosmetic in terms of formatting and naming in an…


Sketchy Sunday: Soundflow Paul

Flash, Sketches

Drawing smooth lines with the Flash drawing API and the haunting piano of Maxence Cyrin.


Sketchy Sunday: Polygon Field Paul

Processing, Sketches

Its gotten pretty serious around here with pointers flying back and forth, buffers being created and recreated again, segfaults ruining afternoons, so I thought I’d start posting the little sketches I tinker with in my spare time. These things usually evolve organically, aren’t optimized in the slightest and serve no purpose other than to look cool. But they do remind me to keep playing with code, and that’s what I feel in love with back before I was relying on it to keep a roof over my head.


Creating and Configuring a DirectX 11 Project in Visual Studio 2010 Jon Keon

C++, Visual Studio 2010

After working with Visual Studio 2010 for a while, there are quite a few settings and choices you can make that will enable your projects to be easier to work with and also allow others to work on your project with you with minimal hassle. This is how I’ve ended up configuring Visual Studio 2010…


Getting Started With DirectX 11 Jon Keon

C++, DirectX11

Now that we have a bit of a basic framework going with the SystemWindow, we can start using that Window to actually display something. In this case, we’re going to get up and running with DirectX 11. While DirectX 9 is still somewhat relevant, it’s rapidly diminishing and with Microsoft announcing that they will be…